Beer and Malt Producers' Association

The Beer and Malt Producers’ Association is founded in June, 2003. In particular, the corporations which operate in the production and / or marketing activities concerning the beer and malt sector or the top-level managers of such corporations can be members in this association. The association, which is headquartered in Ankara, has 26 members as four of them are legal entities at present. Apart from these legal entity members which could be listed as Anadolu Efes Biracılık ve Malt Sanayi A.Ş., Bimpaş Bira ve Meşrubat Pazarlama A.Ş., Efes Pazarlama ve Dağıtım Ticaret A.Ş. and Türk Tuborg Bira ve Malt Sanayi A.Ş., the remaining 22 members are composed of the managers who takes duty in various stages of these mentioned corporations.

The purpose of the association is to deal with the problems of the members which perform the beer and malt production or marketing and to develop some suggestions of solutions for these problems, to defend the rights and benefits of the members at the sector basis, to make contribution to the establishment of the competitive environment which will ensure the developments of the sector, to inform the consumers, to observe the international developments and to convey the new information concerning the sector to its members and to perform the duties which are directed at the development of quality.

Meanwhile, the Association is an active member of the European Brewers Confederation ( Brewers of Europe ) which is headquartered in Brussels. It is participates in the General Board and Secretary General meetings of this Federation. In addition to this, the Ordinary General Board Meeting of the mentioned Confederation which is performed in each separate country every year is held in Istanbul hosting by our Association on the date s 07 – 08 th June 2007.

On the other hand, Beer and Malt Producers’ Association actively participates in the studies of, State Planning Organization Specialization Commissions, the Ready Packaging Technical Committee meetings which are continued under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the meetings which are held by the Tax Council, the Hygiene Guide Preparation studies which are carried out jointly by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and The Food and Beverage Associations Federation and TOBB Beverage Industry Council Meetings and studies as well.
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